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Spitfire Restoration

Welcome to the Classic-Cars-Online Restoration Project. This series of articles will chart the progress of a restoartion of a MK IV Spitfire.

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| Part 7 || Part 8 | Part 9 |

Whilst this series of articles are by no means a guide to restoring they do provide an insight into many of the problems faced when attempting to restore a classic, my main problem is lack of time and money but I hope to solve both these problems soon and get this project completed..

Spitfire Restoration part 1
Part One of our Spitfire Restoration Project

Spitfire Restoration Part 2
Part Two - The Strip down begins

Spitfire Restoration Part 3
Part Three - Engine and gearbox removal

Spitfire Restoration Part 4
Part Four - Separation of chassis from body tub

Triumph Spifire restoration 5
Part Five - Stripping the chassis

Spitfire Restoration Part Six

Part Six - Chassis repairs and repaint

Body Frame

Part Seven - Making a body stand

Spitfire Windscreen Corrosion

Part Eight - Repairing Corrsion of windscreen frame

Spitfire Windscreen Corrosion

Part Nine - Repairing and Replacing the Floor