Triumph 2000 Images and Technical Specification

Triumph 2000


The Triumph 2000 was produced between 1963 and 1977 using the six cylinder engine first seen in the Standard Vanguard in 1961 and 4 speed manual gearbox (overdrive and 3 speed automatic were options), The 2000 had independent suspension all round using coil springs. The servo assisted brakes were disc at the front and drums at the rear.

Two body styles were available a 4 door saloon and a 5 door estate. The 2.5 PI was introduced with Lucas mechanical fuel injection giving very good performance but unfortunately gained a reputation for high fuel consumption and unreliability but this was probably due to the fact that not many mechanics had seen fuel injection systems and therefore the systems were not set up correctly.

The MKII went out of production in 1977 and was the last big car that Triumph made and was replaced with the Rover SD1.

Technical Information


Triumph 2000 (1969 - 1975)
1998 Straight 6 OHV
84 BHP
Top Speed
97 MPH
0 to 60MPH
14.5 Seconds
Numbers Built
Gear Box
4 Speed Manual or Auto
(2690 mm)
183 in (4648 mm)
56 inches (1435 mm)
Value Now
600 to 3000


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