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Talbot Samba Convertible

Most companies that became part of Rootes Group were known for their high performance or high quality. Most were pioneers, among the earliest makers of motor vehicles, who started building cars when a good year meant hundreds of vehicles produced, not hundreds of thousands. Converted bicycle makers were not unusual. After Rootes took them over, some companies because no more than nameplates, while others found larger markets. When Rootes was in danger of failure, Chrysler came in, injecting capital, rationalizing the product lines, and providing their advanced electronics. When Chrysler itself failed (due to ill-timed investments in performance and large cars), it sold Rootes Group and SIMCA to Peugeot, which sold them under the Talbot name.

I have added these pages to Classic Cars Online to allow any Talbot Samba Convertible owners or enthusiasts a quick and easy reference and a place to share pictures of Talbot Samba Convertible 's. Technical specifications are also listed on this page as are Talbot Samba Convertible 's for sale, Talbot Samba Convertible spare parts and Talbot Samba Convertible books and memorabilia. This page will be updated and improved on an ongoing basis with more Talbot Samba Convertible information.

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