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Singer Gazelle I-III

The first Singer car (named after cycle-maker George Singer, the first producer of safety cycles in the world), the Motor-wheel, appeared in the late 1800s, with three wheels and air-filled tires - essentially a motorized bicycle with the motor fitted into the wheel. A more modern car, a four-cylinder model produced under license, gained publicity through its success in Britain's One Thousand Miles Trial; shortly thereafter, he sold a full four model lineup, ranging from an eight horsepower two-cylinder to a 25 horsepower four-cylinder (mainly powered by other companies' engines).

I have added these pages to Classic Cars Online to allow any Singer Gazelle I-III owners or enthusiasts a quick and easy reference and a place to share pictures of Singer Gazelle I-III 's. Technical specifications are also listed on this page as are Singer Gazelle I-III 's for sale, Singer Gazelle I-III spare parts and Singer Gazelle I-III books and memorabilia. This page will be updated and improved on an ongoing basis with more Singer Gazelle I-III information.

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