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MG Midget



The MG midget was deigned as a very small, quirky British sports car and was based on the Austin-Healey Sprite. Released in 1961 the Mk1 Midget used a 948cc, a-Series engine that produced 46hp. A year later capacity was increased to 1098cc with power rising to 56hp. Front disc brakes were also added in place of the previous all round drums, to handle the increase in power. Equipment on the Midget was extremely limited, as MG intended the car to be an entry level sports car. As such the mk1 MG Midget's roof had to be placed over a frame that needed to be constructed by the driver beforehand, the car also had perspex slidescreens in place of windows and was without external locks or handles on the doors.

The indows & handles were added for the mk2, along with the addition of wind up windows. Power was increased to 59hp. Changes made for the mk3 were somewhat more substantial. The engine was replaced by a detuned 1.3L Mini Cooper S engine, increasing power for the Midget to 65hp. Performance was also aided by the addition of a lower gearing ratio than the earlier Midget's. Aesthetically the car was given a new soft-top roof that was permanantly fixed to the car, 'Rostyle' wheels came as standard and the previously square rear wheel arch was rounded. These changes ensured the Midget was warmly welcomed both by dealers and the reviewing press.