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MG stands for Morris Garages, which was the Oxford distributor for Morris cars; co-incidentally, it was also owned by William Morris, later Lord Nuffield. When Cecil Kimber became its general manager in 1922, the firm started modifying standard Morris Cowleys, lowering the chassis and fitting more sporting bodywork. For fiscal reasons, Morris sold his private companies, including MG, to Morris Motors in 1935. Purists argue that MG was never the same again. There was less variety in the products, racing activities were limited, and placing the MG badge on BMC saloons such as the Morris Oxford and 1300 would have been anathema to Kimber. Realists would point out that even after Kimber's death in 1945, fine, affordable sports cars such as the TC, MGA, Midget and MGB continued to be built, and it was only British Leyland's appalling management that sullied a great name in the 1970s

I have added these pages to Classic Cars Online to allow any MGB MKIII Roadster owners or enthusiasts a quick and easy reference and a place to share pictures of MGB MKIII Roadster 's. Technical specifications are also listed on this page as are MGB MKIII Roadster 's for sale, MGB MKIII Roadster spare parts and MGB MKIII Roadster books and memorabilia. This page will be updated and improved on an ongoing basis with more MGB MKIII Roadster information.

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