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MGB Roadster Images and Technical information


MGB Roadster



The MGB was the MGA's replacement and was produced by from 1962 at Abingdon. The styling was assisted by Pininfarina assisted.

Initially released as a convertible, the range was later extended with the MGB GT and MGB GT V8 and with the MGC (a more powerful version of the original roadster MGB). The Rover-built RV8 in the early 90's was also based on the original, MG MGB although it was updated with moderen suspension and running gear as well as a luxury leather and wood interior.

The engine for the MGB was a four cylinder 1.8L B-series engine which produced 95hp which let the MGB reach 60mph in 11 seconds, considered relatively swift at the time. This figure was possible due to some new techniques employed by MG in the production of the MGB, including a monocoque chassis which helped reduce weight compared to the methods used by Triumph on their TR series of cars, the main rival of the MGB. As well as a modern chassis, those looking to buy and MGB would also be pleased to know that the car is also equipped with quite modern safety features, it being the one of the first to feature crumple zones.

Production of the MGB was halted in 1980 with a special run of LE models.



Technical Spec  

MG B Roadster (1971 - 1974)
1198 Straight 4 OHV
95 BHP
Top Speed
100 MPH
0 to 60MPH
12.1 Seconds
Numbers Built
399,070 (1962-1981)
Gear Box
4 Speed Manual (opt OD)
7ft 7in
153 inches (3886 mm)
48 inches (1219 mm)
Value Now
1500 to 7800