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The design of the MGB GT's hatchback body came from the infamous Italian design house, Pininfarina, who opted for a 2+2 design with a small rear bench as opposed to full seats. Unfortunately this made the rear of the car cramped and only really suitable for younger children, however it was still a more sensible buy than the original MGB convertible. As well as making the MGB slightly more sensible, the hard roof also lent the car's chassis more rigidity and improved weight distribution, thus improving handling, and also increasing top speed due to improved aerodynamics. Acceleration was only hampered very slightly in comparison to the soft-top version.

The MGB GT was essentially one of the very first cars to feature the now popular hatch back design. The car had folding rear seats which made way to leave a rather large, flat luggage space. The MGB GT's coupe design not only increased the car's appeal to those of a more practical mind-set, but also to the more enthusiastic driver who could appreciate the greater handling of the car.
The engine for the MGB was a four cylinder 1.8L B-series engine which produced 95hp which let the MGB reach 60mph in 11 seconds, considered relatively swift at the time. This figure was possible due to some new techniques employed by MG in the production of the MGB, including a monocoque chassis which helped reduce weight compared to the methods used by Triumph on their TR series of cars, the main rival of the MGB. As well as a modern chassis, those looking to buy and MGB would also be pleased to know that the car is also equipped with quite modern safety features, it being the one of the first to feature crumple zones.

Production of the MGB was halted in 1980 with a special run of LE models.




Technical Specification

MG B GT (1975 - 1980)
1798 Straight 4 OHV
95 BHP
Top Speed
104 MPH
0 to 60MPH
14.1 Seconds
Numbers Built
399,070 (1962-1981)
Gear Box
4 Speed Manual (opt OD)
7ft 7in
158 inches (4019 mm)
51 inches (1295 mm)
Value Now
600 to 3250