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Ausin A40 Images and Technical Specification



Austin A40 Black

Austin A40 Red



The A40 Farina replaced the Austin A35, and was then a relatively modern car, with an unusual almost notchback-like shape. The standard car was a saloon. The Countryman, which shared the same side profile as the saloon, was a small estate version which had a horizontally split rear opening, i.e. with top-hinged upper door and bottom-hinged lower door. This might today be considered more like a small hatchback. It shared the 948 cc A-Series straight-4 used in other Austins including its A35 predecessor. The suspension was independent at the front using coil springs with a live axle and semi elliptic leaf springs at the rear. The drum brakes were a hybrid arrangement, hydraulically operated at the front but cable actuated at the rear.The front drums at 8 in (200 mm) were slightly larger than the 7 in (180 mm) rears. Cam and peg steering was fitted. Individual seats were fitted at the front with a bench at the rear that could fold down to increase luggage capacity. The trim material was a vinyl treated fabric. Options included a heater, radio, windscreen washers and white wall tyres. The gearchange lever was floor mounted and the handbrake between the seats. The door windows were not opened by conventional winders but used finger grips to pull them up and down.

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