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Spitfire MK IV Restoration project - Part Seven -

With the chassis as complete as I could for the time being it was moved to the side of the house with a waterproof cover over it. It would have to stay there over the winter so I hope that the cover, the paint and cavity wax would be enough to protect it.

If I had more space I would have done the repairs to the body first and then separated the two. As space is limited I decided to build a box section frame to mount the body on while I carried out the repairs. This has the advantage that there is more access to the areas I was working on.
The frame was made from inch box section off cuts that I acquired for free welded together in a vice to get the straight lengths I required.

Body Frame

As can be see in the photo this is the top section which attaches to the body.
Once this was welded together and attached to the body using the original chassis fixing points (still on its side) the vertical legs of the frame were attached. The bottom ring of the frame was fabricated and attached to the vertical legs but accurately measured so that the frame was level. I also added some wheels to the bottom of the frame and the whole assembly and body put the right way. This allows much easier access as the body could be moved around the garage and taken outside and turned round to get at the other side.

In the next few articles you will see more of the frame that I built as I tackle the body work and repair the windscreen surround, change the floors and the sills.