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Spitfire MK IV Restoration project - Part Three -

The main aim of the next part of the work is to remove various bits and pieces so that I can pull the engine and gearbox. When I first bought the car the first thing I did was change all the water hoses and clips so I removed these first carefully so that I could reuse them once the restoration was complete. As the hoses had only been on for about 6 months these came of nice and easily. With the hoses removed the next job was to take out the radiator which was a real pain, the bolts came out of the radiator without any problems and enabled me to remove the radiator for safe keeping and checking later. The pain was that the support brackets which support the radiator to the chassis would not come off the chassis and  they are right in the way so every time you do work in that area you were guaranteed to catch yourself on one of them. I soaked the bolts is loads of penetrating oil and eventually with a little help from a big hammer they gave in and came off.

To make the engine lighter and easier to lift the next job was to take off the engine ancillaries such as the alternator, starter motor, carbs and manifolds. These all came off without any problems and were stored carefully in labelled boxes to be cleaned up and checked at a later date. ( see Starter Motor Maintenance)
With the radiator and engine ancillaries removed there is so much more room so any remaining wires were labelled and any other bits and pieces which could get in the way during the lift (such as the horns) were also removed at this point.

The carpet had already been removed so the only items to be removed were the centre console and the gearbox tunnel cover. These came out easily although the gearbox tunnel cover is a bit damaged being the original cardboard type and I will probably replace it with a fibreglass type.

With these items removed I could get access to the Speedo and rev counter cables and remove them. Next to be disconnected was the prop shaft and the gearbox mounts slackened off.

A lifting crane was brought in and strapped up to the engine. The weight of the engine was taken by the crane and the engine mounts removed. Removing the engine and gearbox was more trouble than I thought as the access was very good but the strapping arrangements we had rigged up was not as good as it could have been and we had to re position the straps a number of times to get the engine/gearbox out with the limited height of the garage.


With the engine and gearbox out I cleaned up the engine bay area of any remaining components such as the brake pipes, wiring loom and master cylinders. The engine and gearbox were stored at the back of the garage to be looked at once the bodywork is done.

Next time I will continue the strip of the components so that the body can be lifted off the chassis.

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