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My 1969 MGB GT

1969 MG B GT

My MG B GT was manufactured in early 1969 and registered a few months later. I think it was originally white in colour as areas under the boot floor are an off white colour where the rest of the car is bright red. If I want to know more about the build history of the car I can get a heritage certificate which will for about 20 pounds will tell me how the car left the factory and what if any optional extras were fitted.

I don’t know much about the history of the car although I am only the 3rd owner and the second owner only kept the car for year. The car was restored in the mid 1990’s by the first owner and I believe this is when the colour was changed to the red it is today. I had difficulty finding a touch up colour so ended up going to a professional paint supplier to have the colour checked. No wonder I could not get a match with MG colours as the paint used was actually Ford Radiant Red! The second owner I was told was an MG racer and had bought the car to race but it was too good to be stripped out for racing although the engine was pulled out, reconditioned and a modified camshaft fitted.

I bought the car in the autumn of 2002 after a search using AutoTrader and found the car 100 miles away in a garage in Blackpool. We were on holiday so a trip across the Pennines was a nice trip out and we could see the illuminations as a bonus. The garage selling the car was Cunliffs, a garage which specialized in classics especially MG’s although this was on sale on behalf of a customer. After a road test and a close inspection a deal was done with a few jobs to be rectified before collection a few weeks later.

Blackpool Illuminations

So 2 weeks later we were back across the Pennines to collect the car. I was a bit concerned that the first journey in the car would be a 100 mile dash back home. Just to be on the safe side I took extra water, petrol, some tools and my AA card.
After filling the car with petrol we set off into MG ownership. Before we had left Blackpool I had been welcomed into the MG club as 2 fellow owners waved and flashed lights as we passed by. 
Most of the journey home is on fast duel carriageways so at high speed I was constantly checking the water temperature and oil pressure gauge although I had nothing to worry about neither gauge left the normal marks.
We arrived home without any problems at all and put the car in its new home, tired but with a huge grin on my face after such a fun drive home.