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My 1969 MGB GT

1969 MG B GT

I have owned my 1969 MG B GT for over 4 years now and the following links will take you to various pages that outline the history, improvements made, repairs and servicing of my classic MG. I did not realize how much work and improvements I had made until I started to list them for this series of articles.


  • MG B Buyers Guide - Guide to what to look for when buying an MGB with sections on Engine, Bodywork, Transmission and Electrics

  • History of My 1969 MG B GT - Short article on my experiences when buying my MG B GT.

  • Improvements and upgrades - Series of articles detailing improvements I have made to my classic car and how I have achieved them.

MG B Out and About

MG B ON Tees Vally Trail

MG B On Bobby Shafto Run

MG B End Of Bobby Shafto Run