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Beat rising petrol prices, decrease your fuel consumption.

Thanks to rising oil prices and the excessive tax on fuel we have in this country it is becoming more important than ever to find ways of reducing costs. There are a few simple methods for reducing your fuel consumption making your fuel go further.

Vehicle maintenance

A well looked after car will more fuel efficient. Ensure that you service your car regularly, this is even more important for classics as unlike modern cars most do not have fuel injection electronic ignition and computerized sensors. With only a few simply checks you can greatly improve fuel economy and reliability with very little effort.

  • Check condition of Spark Plugs and points, Renew or re-gap as necessary.
  • Check the mixture settings of your Carburetors, a simply way to do this when checking the spark plugs as these give a good indication of the state of your engine and its tuning.
  • Check tyre pressures regularly. By keeping tyres at the correct pressure (check Owners Handbook for your vehicle) you can make a saving of up to 5%!
  • Make sure you are using the correct grade of oil, as more viscous oils cause extra engine load (especially when cold) driving up fuel consumption.
  • Cleaning or replacing your air filters can have a dramatic effect on efficiency.

Classic Petrol Pump

Lighten the load

Carrying excess weight adds extra load to the engine, which has to work harder burning more fuel. Save money by emptying your boot of all but the most essential of tools, removing luggage racks and telling your fat friends to walk

Gear Selection

Make sure your in the correct gear for your speed. More fuel is consumed in lower gears when starting as more power is required to get the car moving, but when driving at higher speed select the highest gear for better fuel economy.

Don’t be Lazy

If it’s a short journey, why not leave your car at home and walk. Your fat friend could possibly do with the company.  Short journeys raise fuel consumption as you are having to burn fuel to warm up the engine. Over time this can lead to build ups of carbon in the engine further reducing fuel efficiency. If you only do short journeys then it is best to take the car for a “high” speed run up a motorway or dual carriageway to burn off these deposits.

Save Money on Fuel

Shine and Save

Washing and polishing your car not only makes your classic look better but reduces drag making your classic cut through the air. (Unless like the majority of classics your car has the aerodynamics of a brick)  

Stick to the Limit

If you are one of those people who has a “digital” throttle then a change in your driving style could save you a bundle. Unnecessary acceleration and braking can dramatically raise your fuel consumption as well as putting extra strain on your engine and brakes.  Sticking to the speed limits can give huge savings as for every 5 miles per hour over 60mph reduces your fuel economy by up to 10%.