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Electric Superchargers


Background Information
Electric Superchargers are an effective way to gain a fairly substantial amount of horsepower for a very low cost. (conventional belt driven superchargers can be very expensive although they deliver power throughout the rev range irrespective of throttle setting)  Not only are they inexpensive to build, they are generally easy to install and are safe for your engine if installed and built correctly.  The Electric Supercharger installs right onto your cars intake system. 

In most cases you will need at least 500cfm of power to receive a boost great enough to give you any substantial gains. If at all possible we hope to achieve a 2psi boost by  building a 24,000rpm unit that will produce the needed airflow.

We are investigating fitting one to a car with twin carbs, we have contacted the manufacturer of once such product who assures us it will work with carbs. We intend to make our own using easily available parts and think we can make one for £20 to £30 plus buying a K&N type filter for the front end.

The supercharger will only work at full throttle when the accelerator pedal is right to the floor and the carbs are fully open. A micro-switch will be used to operate the motor only when required.


Pictures of the main Components required to build an Electric Supercharger

High powered motorThe high power motor is used in conjunction with the 3" fan to produce the 24,000 rpm supercharger


Fan UnitThe 3" or 4" fans are capable of spinning up to 24,000rpm under a 12 Volt power source to the high power motor. These units will produce roughly 3 ft. pounds of air pressure or about a 1-2psi equivalent boost under most applications which we will investigate to see if the claims are true.


If anyone has any experience of doing this please let us know so we can pass any information on.